Know your vehicle prior to installation


So you want to install a Hydrogen on demand system on you car.  Yeah, what a good idea.  After all there are tremendous benefit in doing so.

To get the most out of this installation and gain what you expect that you should, then it is important to be sure your car is running in top shape prior .

Cars can have problems that are not readily apparent because , the car seems to run fine and there are no codes showing, and the mileage is like what the manufacturer says it should be for the age of the vehicle, ect.  Why, most people would assume that the vehicle is great because he/she would have no reason not to.

But problems such as worn oxygen sensors,  clogged EGR valves and/or circuits, ignition components that are worn, clogged catalytic converter, other defects in the sensors, and, many other problems. Although not real huge but enough  to prevent mileage gains after proper tuning.  This is all preventative maintenance , stuff you do to keep you transportation dependable. Don’t let small stuff turn into big stuff.

Having your car inspected,check everything, and doing things like getting a complete tuneup, including changing the air filters, changing the oil, and checking the oxygen sensors,and making sure you have all the basics covered will help to insure you get what you expect from your hydrogen supplement.

For more information, browse this site.     Click Here      Or click here for active search results.

When you install the hydrogen on demand system, be sure you go and read the De-Bug check list . This will help you to know your system is working

properly.  Find the Check list at Reliant Fuel systems,  left side , click on “coming soon” .


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