The Orion Project

Interested in doing away with fossil fuels and other heavy polluting energy sources??
For a time we are rather stuck with gasoline and other oil products. We can do our best to cut down
on the pollution by staying aware of our actions concerning these energy sources. We can recycle,
make attempts to not waste the hot and cold environments we create, use more mass transportation…
There are many things we can do. But what ever we do it is important that we work together so that
we can sustain a world that is comfortable for the children now and tomorrow.
“Yes I want to participate and I do feel concern about the future of our planet, but where do I start
and how do I go about it?? What with my job and my family obligations Why, I’ve not any time to meet
with any groups or organize anything.” This is what I hear from many great people very often.
And I understand for my circumstances are not much different . But I have found a way to be involved
where the level of participation is My Choice , with no hefty demand, and ,at the same time, Be on the
cutting edge of the science of the development of alternative energy.
It is called “The Orion Project” . These People are Serious! Here is an excerpt from The Orion Project
web site.

The Orion Project is an organization created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and Enlightened Abundance.

Technological progress in the areas of advanced physics and electromagnetic systems, if appropriately supported, will enable humanity to live on the Earth with a minimal footprint with genuine long-term sustainability.

For over 100 years, these advanced concepts in energy generation have either been ignored or actively suppressed due to the power of fossil-fuel based economic and industrial interests.

Imagine a world where every home and village has its own clean source of electrical energy, free from the cost of fossil fuels, nuclear power or a centralized electric grid.

Imagine every means of transportation running off of clean power plants, using no source of fuel and creating no pollution.

Imagine the developing world blossoming with these new technologies and the equatorial rain forests protected from slash and burn subsistence farming and logging.

Imagine all inter-city transportation above the ground and the millions of acres paved over with highways freed for productive agriculture and recreation.

Imagine all manufacturing being clean-fuel sourced, using no-cost or low-cost energy.

Imagine the possibility of 100% recycling because the energy cost of transporting recycled materials, processing them and scrubbing pollution out of the air and water approaches zero.


This is no mere pipe-dream, but a world that is well within our grasp to create- in our lifetimes. Imagine… and see that it is a reality.

The Orion Project

Recent news From The Orion Project; This is an Email sent to my mail box from The Orion Project.

Update on Stan Meyer Technology

As readers of this TOP Newsletter know, we have been negotiating for the Stan Meyer water-powered car, equipment, and documents. We were told last year by a representative of the present owners that we had been awarded them. We submitted a purchase agreement to the representative at the end of last year and have been waiting for approval of the document since then, so we could move forward. There was a delay getting back to us; but there has finally been some movement. We will inform you, our supporters, of these negotiations once they are complete.

Since we announced our interest in acquiring these items, several individuals have contacted us and have offered to help evaluate the status of the car, equipment and documents to determine if they are intact. These individuals all knew and worked with Stan at one time or another and they will be invaluable in helping us with this evaluation.

Why is this of concern and these offers exceedingly valuable to The Orion Project? One colleague of Stan’s reported that he visited Stan’s home/shop the day after he died. There was yellow tape around it as though it were a crime scene. But, since Stan did not die at home, there was an expressed concern that some of his important work and equipment were taken away. Another of his colleagues supported this contention when he told us that within a few hours of Stan’s death, much of Stan’s research materials were gone. Someone had removed them. This is not unlike the reports of Nikola Tesla’s belongings being removed after his death.

Since no one appears to know what of Stan’s technology is still there, we will take several of these individuals with us to closely examine the items. If it appears they are intact, we will study them exhaustively and replicate them. If it appears the materials are either not intact or missing, this will be a most important finding. If the new energy source that Stan produced nearly twenty years ago was plundered and suppressed, this is of major concern.

We are going to pursue this to its conclusion. If the “guts” of Stan’s work are not there and no longer available, as verified by individuals intimate with his inventions, we will launch a public education program identifying the suppression. Whether we find the complete body of work to replicate his device or not, our work will not be in vain. We will either have what we need to produce and bring Stan’s new energy source to the world, or we will have information to fuel a public call for an investigation into how this important work was suppressed.

The Orion Project | PO Box 4347 | Charlottesville | VA | 22905




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